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Solution Focused Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will the things we talk about be kept confidential?

Yes. Everything discussed in the therapy setting is confidential unless the client says they are going to harm themselves or someone else, in which case confidentiality does not apply. Another instance in which confidentiality is waived is when the therapist seeks professional consultation about a particular case. However, in this situation, the consultant must also observe the client's confidentiality.

2) How long does a therapy session last and how many appointments do I need?

Individual sessions are 45 minutes long and couples sessions last for 1 hour. Therapy is a process that is different for each individual. It usually starts with sessions once a week and as goals are met and distress is reduced, the sessions can be reduced to every other week or once a month.

3) What is the cancellation policy?

Except in cases of emergency or sickness, there must be a 24 hour cancellation notice or the client will be charged for the missed appointment. The out-of-pocket charge for a missed session is $110.

4) Is it possible to get a free consultation to see if the client and therapist are a good fit?

Yes, a free consultation is available by phone or in person.

Please call (224) 730-3295 or email Barbara at to set up a consultation.